3 01 2014

On December 21, 2013 there came a completion to the creative energy that has been coming onto the planet for the last 4 years.  It is now fully in place and ready to be experienced.

Over the last 4 years…we have been enjoying sporadic episodes of creative energy flowing in and out…but now…it is here in a continuous stream.  The way to access this energy is to believe in it…The portal is your intuition.

Listening to your inner guidance and acting upon it will bring amazing results.  Now your mind is going to tell you that it hasn’t worked in the past but your mind is a 3rd Dimensional experience…and this new energy is definitely beyond the 3rd Dimension.

It takes an element of trust at first, with results that will absolutely bring a big smile to your face.  Our purpose on this planet is to know ourselves as Creative Beings…to understand that we are master creators and have all the tools available within us to manifest a life beyond our wildest dreams.  Whatever your imagination can conjure this creative energy will assist you in bringing into reality.

It is important to understand this new energy cannot work without you.  You must be fully engaged and committed to yourself as a Being of Creation.  The energy flows through you into the physical world.

So begin the process of discovering yourself as a Master Creator…then call upon the energy to mold your choices and take the leap into absolute creation.


SHIFTING TO LIGHT (a Summer Solstice Experience)

28 06 2013

Our world is in a position of division; soon to come to wholeness.  We are strongly being affected by both the dense energy of the 3rd Dimension and the LIGHT and vibrant energy of the 4th Dimension.  The key to navigating through this dichotomy is to continue to experience yourself as the LIGHT.

Many people have been asking me my experience of the Summer Solstice…so much so, I feel it important to share with everyone. In order to do this I must take you through a visualization.

 Imagine you are playing in the waves of the ocean…you are just beyond the breakers. A place of great serenity and quietness as you feel the ocean waves lift you up and settle you back down…gently.

Just allow yourself to be drawn up into the waves just before the crest…as they go rolling off toward the shore.  You can feel the absolute support of each wave and the power that holds you.

By giving yourself permission to fully submit to each wave you are propelled upward toward the sky and at the zenith you open your eyes and view what is in front of you.

 You are lifted so high that you are able to see what no one else can see….the perfection, the peace, the love and the purposeful direction available to you.

 This was my experience of the Summer Solstice.  I know that we have before us the possibility of very difficult times….the old adage, “ It is always darkest before the dawn”.  We are closing in on the completion of our transformation into the next dimensional shift…and with that comes resistance from our old outdated ways.  The 3rd Dimension dark and dense energy is not going to give up without struggle.

We, however, do not have to be affected by it.  It is always a choice to turn your attention to a higher vibration and let the circumstances controlled by the denser energy roll right on by.  The key to making this decision is to allow yourself to see your life through the LIGHT…because that is what you are….LIGHT.

The vision I received on the Solstice was a reminder that we are always supported and loved.  That if we change our perspective and perception to see only the gifts we have been given…we will glide through this turmoil unscathed.

MY GUIDANCE is to assist you in continuing to see the truth in every aspect of your life, to experience yourself as LIGHT and to show you the path of awakening.  I have been given the vision of the simple steps available to each of us to live our TRUTH, which can be accessed through and most importantly beyond the Third Eye.

I am here and available for you.  When you are ready….Either call 760-586-2231 or email me Lauri@worldwideharmony.com.

We are all Beings of Great Love and Light,



15 07 2012

It is our Earthly birthright to live an existence of harmony, love, abundance and personal power.  Our original blueprint gave us DNA structure to know ourselves as Beings of great manifesting powers combined with the understanding that we are always connected to Source, that we are capable of monumental love and compassion, that we ARE always an experience of SPIRIT.

 And now we find ourselves climbing out of the 3rd Dimension.  It is a bittersweet existence awakening from the illusion that for the majority of our time on Planet Earth, we lived separated from our power and our source of unconditional love.  We can continue to dwell on what was or we can elevate our energy to discover what IS!!!

It is time to move beyond the conscious illusion of the 3rd Dimension and expand our awareness and life experience to embrace our power to manifest an entirely new existence on this Planet.  Every change begins at the personal level.  As we change our personal experience…we offer this energetic expansion to the whole.  As we awaken to the truth of our great potential…we lay a foundation for the entire population to know truth. 

 Our illusion is fear, lack, struggle, pain, aloneness…Our truth is love, abundance, effortlessness, health, oneness.

 Moving beyond the illusion is as simple as a choice.  Once made, your DNA blueprint will activate to guide you, your Intuitive voice will expand to connect you and your Inner wisdom will surface to support you.  

 We are energetically postured for huge transition…our time to become Beings of Light, Beings of Love, Beings of Compassion, Beings of Oneness is NOW.

INTO 2012

28 12 2011

Hurray….it’s 2012!!!

  I am so excited…I can hardly stand it.  We have almost made it to the finish line.  2012 is going to prove to be a very amazing year.  Many things are going to change globally this year, as well as, individually.

 2012 is a year of great manifestation…that coincides with emotional and physical release and letting go of old outdated thinking.  You have now been placed outside of the box that you constructed around you, allowing for the incredible opportunity to look at EVERYTHING from a different perspective. 

 Let go….Let go….Let go.

Let go of everything you are holding onto so tightly.

Allow yourself to BE not do.

Flow with the energy that supports your creations.

Release the “how it is suppose to look or show up”

Make room in your life for MAGIC because it is ready for YOU!

Shift your perspective on any and all issues, relationships, creations, tasks that are bogging you down.  ASK to know the new ‘perception’ or ‘direction’.  Release the emotions that are waiting to pass through….make room for more POWER.

 As we move through 2012 much of what you will be discovering is about YOU and YOUR world.  The focus of attention is to be placed inward.  This is the time to hone your natural abilities, to discover the amazing power you hold within and to experience yourself as a BEING OF LIGHTAND SPIRIT.

 The process is simple…take a different look at everything that is going on in your life…ask for assistance to see what you cannot quite view, as yet.  Be open to “different” and embrace the world of YOU that is so amazing.

 All of this change does come with some growing pains…currently the physical body is going through tremendous change as the energy around the planet is expanding the consciousness of the Planet and each individual.  Below are some of the symptoms and solutions for the physical reaction to the increased energy.

 Symptom                                            Solution

Headaches                                          Expand the Pineal Gland in middle of the brain

Tiredness*                                          Bring in more light & take 3,000 units of Vitamin D daily

Dehydration                                        Ask for re-hydration download

Cold/flu symptoms                             Rest, Bring in more Light (listen to ‘Unified Chakra’)

Feeling ‘outside’ of body                   Look down at your feet for a few moments

Foggy mind**                                    Expand into Present Moment….let all else fade

Blank mind**                                     Expand into Present Moment

Unusual Fear                                      Ask fear for its message…then release fear.

Erratic/restless sleep*^*                     Ask your 7th Dimensional Self to ease up

Roving/strange pains*^*                    Ask your 7th Dimensional Self to remove pain.

 The amount of change to happen over the next 18 months will be somewhat astounding.  We are moving from carbon-based Beings to Light-based Beings…lots of things are going to change.  The process may seem a little daunting right now but if you let go, flow with the results and trust the Universe to get you through it all….YOU my friend will be living an awesome new life.

 Love & Light to you all,


  * Tiredness is one of the most prominent symptoms-listen to the guided imagery ‘Unified Chakra’ every day.  You can download it from my website,  www.worldwideharmony.com and click on ‘Into 2012’… at bottom of page you can listen to and/or download ‘Unified Chakra’.  And be sure to take at least 3,000 units of Vitamin D everyday.  Vit. D assists the body in absorbing more Light.  And I have been told that we now need ‘light’ as a nutrient for our physical bodies.

 ** Foggy mind/blank mind-no you are not getting Alzheimer’s or dementia.  The mind is overloaded right now with cosmic re-programming and downloading.  Just be patient with yourself and keep your sense of humor.

 *^*We exist as a multi-dimensional Being….there are aspects of us that exist on the 5th -12th dimensions.  These aspects of us are doing lots of work to help get our physical, emotional and mental self ready for the 4th Dimension changes to come.  By directing these aspects of us to make the repercussions of our energetic shifting easier we find immediate relief.

Energetic Changes September-December 2012

28 08 2011

Wow!!! What an exciting time it is to be present on Planet Earth.  Many of you are finding yourself experiencing a gamut of changes physically, emotionally, mentally and globally.  We are currently experiencing what I term an ‘energetic roller-coaster’. 

 Physically you may find an illusive traveling pain or ailment that manifests itself for a day or so and then moves on to another part of your body.  What I have discovered is the pain subsides overnight…the next day you feel great…and then it begins in an entirely different place in your body to subside again while you sleep.  Do not be concerned…the body is transforming into a higher vibration and all of the aches and pains that you are experiencing is just its way of eliminating the old energy, to be replaced while you sleep by the new vibration.   Some of you may just be experiencing the upside to this evolution and your body is unusually strong, vibrant and healthy.  Either way, physically we are all making a transition into the higher vibration of the 4th Dimension where we will exist with a youthful, strong and healthy physical body.

 Emotionally the affects are not as universal.  Those that have done much in the way of clearing the old emotional patterns, hurts and wounds find themselves elevated into a consistent state of joy and inner peace.  Those needing to address unresolved issues will find many opportunities to resolution over the next 6-8 months.  It is impossible to exist in a higher vibration while carrying around 3rd Dimension emotional baggage.  Do not be afraid to address those ‘issues’ lurking in the background…the support and love that surrounds you will take from you whatever you are ready to let go of.  Once it was necessary to go through lengthy processes in order to resolve emotional pain…now it is as simple as identifying the issue, observing your feelings that are still present, open your energy to access the Universal spectrum and LET IT GO!!!  So don’t hesitate….get in and open those hidden emotional cubbies, shine in the light and let the Universe take it away.

 Mentally we are all going through a massive transition to shift our focus from our head to our heart.  The energy that is bombarding the Planet is facilitating this evolution.  It may ‘seem’ that the world is operating as usual but it is not.  There is much happening behind the scope of our awareness and if you are willing to see beyond the propaganda that we are given by the news and media sources, you will notice how people are changing.  Individually…we can expedite this process by removing our mind from the daily process of guidance and tap into our intuition for direction and action to be taken.  This step will not only train your mind to be in alignment with your inner wisdom but will strengthen your intuitive powers and insight into your personal powers to manifest and create in the 4th Dimension.

 Globally there is much happening and will continue to happen to the Earth over the course of the next several months.  This fall will be a little challenging regarding Earth changes.  We will see more dramatic weather and an increase in water activity (hurricanes, tsunami, tornados, flooding) and earthquakes.  Some of this will be caused by the shifts that the Earth must make to also prepare to shift into the 4th Dimension and some will be a product of galactic influence.  Please…Please…Please..do not go into fear over these necessary activities, you will be guided to make a change of location if you are in danger.   The 2 key elements to this guidance is to 1) listen to your intuition 2) take the action given…your mind will not give you the appropriate information and direction.

 In addition, WorldWideHarmony will be inviting in the 5th Crystal Portal from the 6th Dimension on 11-11-11.  The purpose of the Crystal Portal is two fold: 1) to assist each and every person in the location of that particular Crystal Portal in making the evolutionary shift from the 3rd Dimension to the 4th.  2) to assist the Planet in her transition into the 4th Dimension by raising her vibration gently in order to reduce or eliminate the effects of the upcoming Earth changes.  Our 5th Crystal Portal was originally planned forEgypt but has been moved, per Intuitive guidance, toSouth Africa on11-11-11. Egypt will be rescheduled to Spring of 2012 (date TBA).

 I recently came across some really great information regarding past and present cultures and how they view/viewed12-21-2012event.

 Hopi-Predict 25 yr. period of purification followed by end of 4th World and beginning of 5th.

Mayans-Call it end of time as we know it.

Maores-Veils will dissolve to create merging of physical and Spiritual worlds.

Zulu-Believe the whole world will be turned upside down.

Hindus-End of time of man, coming of critical mass and enlightened ones.

Incas-Age of meeting Ourselves again.

Aztecs-Time of 6th Sun-transformation, creation of new race.

Pueblo-Acknowledge it will be the emergence into the 5th World.

Cherokee-Ancient calendar ends exactly at12-21-2012 as does Mayan calendar.

Tibetan-Predicts coming of Golden Age

Egypt-According to ‘Stone Calendar” present time cycle ends in year 2012 A.D.

 It is obvious that we are currently moving very quickly to a vast change in our lives, lifestyle and personal power.  We always have a choice to embrace change with challenge or serenity…but it goes much smoother when we use serenity.

 Sending each of you much love and inner peace,


I saw an Angel this morning…

10 03 2011

I saw an Angel this morning.  He sat down at the foot of my bed and began rubbing my feet.  I felt overwhelming sensations of inner peace and gratitude.  My inner peace and her gratitude for all the love and faith we Humans are exhibiting as we pass through the greatest challenge of trust that we have ever had to experience. 

 She spoke to me of the troubled times the Planet Earth will be encountering over the next few years and the days of great Harmony, Peace and Oneness to be experienced.  The picture that traveled through my mind as He spoke was not a pretty one.  We have much upheaval, chaos, turmoil and loss of faith in the current system that dominates our society and way of life.  Everything we depend on externally will be falling away…so that we can grow more independently and trust ourselves and the yet unseen powers around us to be our foundation and support.   

 In order to perserver through these next few years…we must go within for our answers.  It is the dependence on our own personal powers and the faith that we are loved and supported by a Higher Consciousness that will take us through the troubled times into the bright light of a World without greed, animosity, fear, control and separateness.

 I have seen this new World we are heading toward…it is well worth facing all the challenges we have in front of us.  Imagine your wildest dreams…personally and globally…and you will not even come close to what is awaiting us. 

 I have been given the task to urge each of you to take a different stance.  Place your focus and attention onto the Light that shines all around you.  If challenges come your way…ask within for the answer that will take you beyond this challenge.  If sadness or sorrow bogs you down…turn your heart upward and ask for an infusion of Joy and clarity of purpose to come to you.  If fear filters into your life….face it head-on.  Ask it for the information it holds for your enlightenment.  Be willing to go beyond what you see with your eyes and mind to the truth behind every situation, interaction or event.  This truth lies within your Solar Plexus which houses….Your Soul Self.

 You have “blueprinted” yourself to be here on this Planet at this particular moment in time.  You knew that you were to come and be a part of our Planet’s transformation into the next dimension…you need not be confused about your planetary purpose…it is to Be here and Be your truth.  Even if your mind is unsure of what your truth is…your Soul has the answers.  Reach deep within and ask for the answers to all of your questions…then quiet your mind so that you can HEAR what you have written in your Soul’s blueprint while still in Spirit form.

 It is through TRUST that we will pass beyond the density of struggle and challenge.  It will take each of us to see beyond the current events and know that everything is in great perfection….even the chaos.  Our new World is one of LOVE, HARMONY, GREAT PEACE AND ENLIGHTED AWARENESS.  Trust that this path we have embarked on is supported by LIGHT and you are supported by LOVE.

 We have completed  90% of this journey we began eons of time ago…we have come so far and worked so hard…the only possibility available to us is to complete our destiny.  Trust that you are strong enough, powerful enough and loved enough to make a difference in this transformation.  Trust yourself enough to BE the powerful BEING OF LIGHT that you are!

The Magic of 2011

13 01 2011

The Magic of 2011

By Lauri Cloud

 Hold onto your hat….because 2011 is promised to be the most phenomenal year ever…for great and wonderful transformations!  I see ahead of us an amazing time to rediscover ourselves and the world around us as a magical new experience.

 We have available to us…a never before…shroud of cryptic energy, encapsulating the Planet, here to assist each and every one of us in becoming a higher vibration, incredible manifestor and expanded Being. 

 There are 100’s and 1,000’s and 100’s of 1,000’s individuals waking up every day asking the same question….what direction do I go to leave this challenge and difficulty behind?  We are no longer buying into the old outdated predictions of ‘doom & gloom’ that have been handed down from the past…and sustained in the present by those that can only glimpse tragedy.

 I see an entirely different picture.  I see a world of amazing personal and global transformation.  We are coming out of the ‘fog’ and awakening to a new reality, one that holds the magic of creation and unlimited possibilities.  I see that we have access to creative energy that is no longer held back by the fear that has perpetrated and penetrated this planet for over 10,000 years.

 We have a gift available to us, you and I, a gift that will change our lives forever and all we need do…is reach out and accept it.  The cost…leave the old behind!!! Accept the possibility that you can shift your world and that the support is here to assist you.  A shift that does not come from outside of you but rather begins deep within your Soul and spirals outward to affect the world you would choose to manifest.  It begins on a very personal level re-creating your reality into your truth…the truth that you are a Being of Light and Love and a Master Creator…this will in turn flow outward to permeate into the world of others and continue on to the world of all!

 To access the Magic of 2011…go within.  Listen to your Intuition…hear the messages that come from your truth.  Become aware of the propaganda of fear and control that permeates throughout the World.  Remember that what you know to be true…will create.  Monitor your thoughts and re-program any mental patterns or beliefs that do not hold you in alignment with your choice of creation.  The mind can be a powerful adversary or an amazing partner in your creative process.  In this society, the mind has been given too much power over our lives…take back control and know that you are the director

 Allow your emotions to be felt, for just a bit, and then released.  A major part of this new energy is surrounding us with the light that removes the necessity of processing our emotions as we have done in the past.  We are now afforded the luxury of just releasing the old emotional hurts and wounds.  Just acknowledge your emotion, honor the feeling for a bit and then release them to the Universal energy that surrounds and supports you.

Recognize your physical body’s messages.  If you are in pain, discomfort or dis-ease…these symptoms are communication from you physical self that you have either an unresolved emotional wound or a mental pattern that holds you firmly to ‘I am less than’.  Your body is a wonderful mechanism that will always reset to perfection when the emotions are cleared and the mental patterns are in alignment with your truth of Light and Love.

In addition to going within and clearing your personal pathway…this new energy we are experiencing is guiding us (sometimes pushing and pulling us) into our perfect path.  Every living Being on this planet has a mission.  It is no coincidence that you are here during this time of great transformation.  We are a ‘Grand Experiment’ that has never been accomplished before.  We have the Global mission of bringing this planet, the Earth herself, and all of her inhabitants into a new dimension.  Every person on this planet has agreed to be a player in this endeavor.  Some of the players are taking on the adversarial role…some the supportive role, regardless we each have a mission. 

 The energy that presently surrounds this planet is propelling us forward toward our personal mission.  It is time for each of us to review our life and discover what our mission, purpose or path is to be.  For those who know and are walking their path…stay focused and aware of distractions.

  For those just awakening to your path or purpose…stay your course and know you will be given all the assistance you require to further your direction.  Pay attention to the synchronicity of events and experiences that will show up for you.  Act on these moments immediately…the time to casually step forward has long gone.  We all must see the ‘magic’ that surrounds us and our movement forward and act immediately.  There is no coincidence to the manner in which your life shows up. 

For those looking for their path…focus on your heart and what brings you great joy.  Leave the messages from you mind behind…this will open you to your intuitive inspirations and bring you to the perfect place, at the perfect time, meeting the perfect people.  The most important action you can take is to remain OPEN at all times.  Observe what is going on around you and what messages you may be receiving directly or indirectly from the Universe, your Angels, your Intuition, your experiences and the new energy that surrounds you.

The Magic of 2011 is ready and available if you are willing to see it.   This Planet is being bombarded with a sense of well-being, contentment and fulfillment.  Reach out and bring this energy to you…allow yourself to immerse into the energetic waters of knowing you have arrived!

The completion of our journey into the 4th Dimension is just a breathe away…we have done all of the ‘hard’ work to get us to this point…you have permission to release easily any challenges or difficulties you may encounter over the next 2 years…so just relax and enjoy the harvest.

 For those who would like to ‘fast-track’ their process, you are welcome to join the 99th Human Evolutionary experience…This is a personal and global transformational process.  For more information or to join in on all the FUN  go to www.worldwideharmony.com click on the ‘99th Human link’ read about the process and sign up at the bottom of that page.

 I am so excited about finally reaching this point in the history of our Planet.  Many of us have been waiting for eons and NOW we can make the amazing transition into the next dimension with    Joy…Love…Compassion….Oneness!